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Mac OS: Use HUAWEI 3G modem without Mobile Partner

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

The HUAWEI Mobile Partner software is written in Java and seems to be mandatory to connect with HUAWEI’s mobile devices, but I think it is really annoying to always keep this heavyweight piece of software open while accessing the Internet.

The device will also appear in Apple’s built-in Network Manager, once the drivers are installed. But unless the PIN is disabled, trying to use the Network Manager (System Preferences > Network) will fail. In a next step, I tried to open Mobile Partner for entering the PIN, but then closing it without connection initiation. After entering the PIN, the connection via the Network Manager seemed to work fine! So we need a solution to enter the PIN without using the Mobile Partner software.

Eventually, I found the following solution at It requires that drivers are already installed, e.g. by using the installers from HUAWEI. It works with my HUAWEI Mobile Connect E160 card (o2 Surf Stick).

An alternative to this solution is to disable the PIN completely, but be sure if somebody steals your surf stick or your SIM card, he will be able to use your Internet connection and possibly do illegal stuff.


Mac OS: How To Create Shell Script Launchers for Launchpad or Dock

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Apps in the Launchpad created from shell scriptsMac OS X’s core component Darwin is a UNIX-compatible operating system, which may attract former Linux users to join the Mac fan community. Projects like MacPorts successfully try to thwart the lack of a built-in package manager, important for Linux residents to install new open-source software. Given these preconditions, many shell scripts you have created in the rest of the Unix world, run on Mac OS X.

Based on a built-in tool in Mac OS X

While both KDE and Gnome enable you to create launcher icons for your scripts, this is not an easy thing to do on the Mac OS X desktop. Since Mac OS X 10.4, a tool called Automator is shipped which allows you to automate some tasks on Mac OS X without programming skills. The interesting thing about Automator is that you can export your task flows to a Mac OS X application.

To launch a shell script from Automator, you may simply create a task starting Terminal with a shell script. Then export the shell script to a Mac OS X application, which will appear in your Launchpad.

Automating Automator

However, when using a lot of shell scripts like I do, it would be an annoying thing to always launch Automator, create a new workflow and export it to an app. So I have written another shell script, automatically creating such an Automator app which opens an existing shell script in the Terminal. The script basically creates an application directory, copies the application stubs from the Automator directory on your hard drive to the new directory, and includes a custom XML file telling Automator what to do. (more…)

De-Mail und die qualifizierte elektronische Signatur

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

De-MailNeben mehr oder weniger allgemein bekannten Projekten wie der Elektronischen Gesundheitskarte, die große Bedenken bezüglich des Datenschutzes und der Kostenerwartungen von vielen Seiten hervorgerufen hat, drängt der Bund auf die Einführung einer Infrastruktur für die rechtsverbindliche Kommunikation zwischen Bürgern und Behörden (sowie jeweils den Bürgern und Behörden untereinander).

Die De-Post, deren Name auf den ersten Hör so klingt, als wolle man die bisherige E-Mail-Entwicklung rückgängig machen, möge laut den Initiatoren “so einfach wie E-Mail, so sicher wie Papierpost” sein. Doch erfüllt De-Mail diese Ziele, ist es überhaupt ratsam, sich nur auf diese Ziele zu beschränken? Welchen Akteuren muss bei der Kommunikation vertraut werden? Alternativen?


Script: Use TomTom as GPS receiver for your Linux computer

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Running GPSDrive with TomTom

TomTom runs Linux (BusyBox) on their devices. Users can access the system using a shell and even dump the data of the GPS receiver. Instead of manually set the dump every time, which is hard work, I have made a small script for you.

Dedicated to geeks that have a TomTom and want to use their geekness for non-geek stuff, e.g. yachting.


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