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Modification: Use the Joomla! Admin area with an SSL proxy

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Some webspace providers use HTTP SSL proxies that allow theirĀ  shared hosting customers to use some sort of “point-to-computing-center” security. Although it does not provide the full SSL security in all aspects, it is the only possibility to use encryption for most shared-hosting customers. Since SSL key negotiation is done before information for selecting the appropriate domain name is transmitted, it is not feasible to include domain names of hundreds of clients per IP address (Subject Alternative Name) into an SSL certificate.

Especially when administering them via the Web, using these proxies is a great security gain in untrusted networks in the proximity of the client. However, a great drawback is the incompatibility with many administration backends, so as Joomla.

This modification is targeted to help Joomla! users having an SSL proxy that routes a request of the format “” to your domain “”. Goal of this modification is to create a support for SSL proxies that even enforces the usage of SSL for the Joomla admin panel. (more…)

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